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Cyndi Marko writes and draws books for kids, but she doesn’t mind if adults read them, too.

Cyndi was born in Smithers, BC, Canada. She has fond childhood memories of itchy sweaters, frostbite, and tunneling through deep snow to get to school.

Cyndi spent most of her time as a kid drawing pictures, reading books, and making up stories. Not much has changed, except Cyndi’s mom makes her buy her own crayons now (well, most of the time, anyway. Thanks, Mom!)


Having spent most of her life living in different parts of British Columbia (and a few frizzy-haired years enduring the sogginess of Toronto) Cyndi has recently moved to Edmonton, Alberta. She lives there with her quiet kids and noisy cats.

Cyndi doesn't have a lot of spare time, but when she can she enjoys cooking, fabric crafts, watching spooky movies, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and traveling with her partner, author-illustrator Troy Cummings.

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