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The Boring Stuff:

Cyndi Marko is the award-winning author-illustrator of the KUNG POW CHICKEN heavily-illustrated early chapter book series, published by Scholastic Branches. Book one, Let’s Get Cracking, won the Silver Birch®Express 2015 Award and BC’s 2015-2016 Chocolate Lily Award. It was also nominated for the 2017 Louisiana Young Readers’ Choice Award and the Washington State WLMA  OTTER Award 2017, and was a Kirkus Best Books of 2014 selection. KUNG POW CHICKEN has been translated into Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, and Czech. KPC #1 is also available in Spanish as a Scholastic Book Club edition.

Her latest book, THIS LITTLE PIGGY: AN OWNER'S MANUAL, from S&S Aladdin Pix, was chosen as one of the Chicago Public Library’s 2017 Best of the Best. Her next book also with Aladdin Pix, Boo! Hiss!, about a ghost and a snake who are roommates in a haunted (by them) house will be available 2020.

The Not-As-Boring Stuff:


Cyndi was born in Smithers, BC, Canada. She has fond childhood memories of itchy sweaters, frost bite, and tunneling through deep snow to get to school.

Cyndi spent most of her time as a kid drawing pictures, reading books, making up stories, and never eating too much dessert. Not much has changed, except Cyndi’s mom makes her buy her own crayons now (well, most of the time, anyway. Thanks, Mom!) Cyndi currently lives within walking distance of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada, and hopes to one day meet Ogopogo in person. She has a lot to discuss with him.


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