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book cover of Gilly's Monster Trap, watercolor illustration of a little girl wearing one flipper and a goldfish in a bowl setting up a trap on the beach.

Gilly loves to flap her flippers in Lighthouse Bay…until a mysterious monster starts menacing the market! It swipes Gilly’s flippers, snatches fish, and nabs nets. So Gilly hatches a plan: she is going to catch the sneaky, rotten monster! With the help of her goldfish, Finnegan, and the townspeople, she builds a trap.

But when things go awry, Gilly discovers she and the monster may have been after the same thing all along—a friend.

"Rendered in sprightly watercolor and ink cartoons, Marko’s action-packed picture book debut features a panoply of compositional styles, lively language, and a protagonist that is the very definition of mettle." — Publishers Weekly

"A cheerful tale certain to ensnare readers."  — Kirkus Reviews

Gilly's Monster Trap pg 23_MARKO copy_edited.png

BOO! HISS! Graphic Novel Chapter Book

book cover of Boo! Hiss!: A cartoon ghost and a snake in front of an old Victorian house.

Ghost and Snake live in an old, old house. All by their lonesome, with no one to bother them. They go about their days booing and hissing, until a family—a human one!—moves in and disturbs their peace and quiet. A crying baby? A barking dog? A wailing saxophone?


How will they ever stop all this noise and reclaim their home?

"VERDICT A comical graphic novel for young readers looking for their next spirited paranormal read."— School Library Journal

ALA Round Table Best Graphic Novels for Children 2022

illustration: A cartoon snake and a ghost looking determined, the ghost is rubbing its hands together.

SLOTH SLEUTH Graphic Novel Series

book cover of Sloth Sleuth, a sloth with a magnifying glass hanging from a tree with three moths fluttering around her. Two geckos in dark suits, sunglasses, and earpieces, one clinging to the tree, one standing below looking at a note with a stylized acorn skull pinned to the tree with an arrow.
illustration: cartoon rat with a mayoral sash, waving two fingers in the air, looking excited.

On an island crawling with crime, everyone's a suspect. Luckily, its resident sloth can solve crimes in her sleep (and often does!). Meet Paz, the world's first sloth sleuth. She may be slow . . . but she's always one step ahead of the bad guys. 

". . . . honestly, who doesn’t want to see a sloth with a fanny pack on a bouncy ball? Pitch-perfect for the Dog Man set." — Booklist

THIS LITTLE PIGGY: An Owner's Manual Graphic Novel Chapter Book

book cover of This Little Piggy An Owner's Manual. A girl with a bow in her hair is proudly presenting a sparkling clean pig that is sitting atop an overturned wash tub. Soap bubbles are floating in the air and there's water on the ground.water

Brother and Sister want—more than anything—a pet pig. Getting the pig—Snowflake—isn’t all that hard, but keeping it clean, feeding it healthy snacks, and teaching it manners and tricks, proves to be more than these kids bargained for. And they still have to convince their mother!

Watch the trailer here!

"Even those not pie-eyed for pigs will find something to like in this jolly outing. (Graphic/early-reader hybrid. 5-8)"—Kirkus Reviews

Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best 2017 list pick

Kansas NEA Reading Circle List Primary Title

illustration: a cartoon pig sitting on its haunches.
book cover for Kung Pow Chicken Bok! Bok! Boom! A superhero chicken and eggbound sidekick pedalling a big wheel trike.
book cover for Kung Pow Chicken Let's Get Cracking! A superhero chicken and an eggbound sidekick, punching and kicking.
book cover of Kung Pow Chicken The Birdy Snatchers. A superhero chicken and eggbound sidekick running straight ahead, the hero's cape flying behind him.
book cover of Kung Pow Chicken Heroes on the Side. A superhero chicken and eggbound sidekick, jumping and kicking. The superhero is brandishing drumsticks as weapons.
book cover for Kung Pow Chicken Books 1-4 Collection. the covers of the first 4 books fanned out and the superhero chicken and eggbound sidekick are punching and kicking.
book cover of Kung Pow Chicken Jurassic Peck. A superhero chicken stands smirking with his arms crossed, his eggbound sidekick stands beside him.
illustration: Kung Pow Chicken and Egg Drop both wearing a Zom-B-Gone tin foil helmet and acting like zombies, with arms  and legs raised and tongues hanging out.

Kung Pow Chicken isn't just any superhero. He's powerful! He's quick-witted! And... he's a chicken! In this hilarious series, ordinary Gordon Blue transforms into Kung Pow Chicken. Kung Pow Chicken and his sidekick, Egg Drop, are an avian dynamic duo that fight crime in the city of Fowladelphia.


Winner Silver Birch® Express Award 2015
Winner Chocolate Lily Award 2015-2016
Nominated Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Award 2017
Nominated Washington State WLMA Otter Award 2017
Kirkus Starred Review
Kirkus Best Books of 2014
An Amazon Best Book of the Month, January 2014
Kellogg's Family Rewards Program Featured Selection 2016-2019

Vancouver Public Library/CWILL-BC Reading Lights Selection 2017

illustration: Kung Pow Chicken and Egg Drop tip-toeing



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